CircleCI Account Troubleshooting & FAQ’s

Troubleshooting Login and Account Issues

What is my current plan?

Here is a list of our available plan offerings:

I’m having trouble logging in to my account

CircleCI uses OAuth login via your VCS provider (GitHub or Bitbucket) as well as email and password.

If you created your account using OAuth login, navigate to After selecting 'Log in', a drop-down menu will appear. Choose 'Signed up with GitHub or Bitbucket before September 2023?' Then, select either GitHub or Bitbucket to continue your login process.

If you mistakenly logged in with a different account, follow the steps in this support article to unlink your accounts.

If you meant to merge accounts, you can read more here: How to merge your CircleCI accounts.

How do I add developers to my organization?

Follow the steps in this support article to manage GitHub users and People Settings:

This article describes how to manage Bitbucket users:

These docs explain managing Gitlab and GitHub OAuth users:

I cannot view settings for my organization

Organization admins have access to view the org settings page. To confirm you are an org admin, follow these steps: Am I an Org Admin? 

I need to cancel our plan, but the billing contact is no longer with the company

Our Customer Success team can change your account contact. Please write them at Please be sure to include a recent invoice, your organization name, and the updated contact information.

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