CircleCI Account Troubleshooting & FAQ’s

What is my current plan?

An admin on the account can view your current plan by visiting

Performance Plan customers have the ability to view their Premium Support package.

For Container Plan customers, Premium Support plans are not currently available.

I’m having trouble logging in to my account

CircleCI uses Oauth login via your VCS provider (GitHub or Bitbucket). If you mistakenly logged in with a different account, contact so they can manually unlink your accounts. If you meant to merge accounts, you can read more here: How to merge your CircleCI accounts.

How do I create an account for my organization then add developers to it

CircleCI connects your org, team and account information directly from your VCS (GitHub or Bitbucket) provider. 

I cannot view settings for my organization

Organization admins have access to view the org settings page. To confirm you are an org admin, follow these steps: Am I an Org Admin? If you are an org admin and are experiencing issues viewing your settings, please submit a screenshot to

I need to cancel our plan, but the billing contact is no longer with the company

Whether you're an org admin and having issues accessing the billing portal or your billing contact is no longer with the company, open a support ticket to Provide your case-sensitive org name and any important information to know about the plan. They will be able to cancel the plan on your behalf. 

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