How do I manage my People Settings for my GitHub organization?


GitHub organizations that are integrated with CircleCI will have one of the following integration types which will determine how members of the organization's roles and permissions are managed:

This style of URL indicates you authenticated with GitHub OAuth<your Organization name>

This style of URL indicates you authenticated with the GitHub App


How to manage users

  • GitHub OAuth Users

    • OAuth users' roles and permissions are inherited from your GitHub organization page
    • Any changes made to their permissions on GitHub will be inherited by CircleCI 
      • Changes to users can be made on the People tab within your GitHub Organization's page on GitHub
  • GitHub App Users

    • As an Organization Admin, navigate to the Organization Settings in the CircleCI Dashboard sidebar
      • Click on People

Additional Notes:

  • We currently do not support the ability to convert/change to a GH App integration from the GH OAuth integration for existing CircleCI users. 

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