Credit Refills on Performance Plan


Refills are triggered when an account has reached 0 credits. These can often seem as duplicate or unauthorized charges. CircleCI utilizes refills to ensure an account is not blocked from using the platform. 


These changes can only be made by an organization's admin. To help identify your organization's admins, please reference the articles below:

What is a refill? 

A refill occurs outside of your normal subscription renewal date. An example of this is being billed monthly on the 21st but receiving an additional charge on the 15th. When credits run out, you will automatically receive a 25% refill of your monthly subscription, modify your rate through the manage tab.


Can I turn refills off?

Refills are unable to be toggled off. 


How do I adjust my plan to limit refills?

  1. An admin of the account will need to access the UI Manage Tab. 
  2. In the Manage Tab, select the pencil icon under Credits
  3. Our UI will automatically estimate your usage for the past 3 months and make a credit package suggestion.
  4. Once you select the amount of credits you wish to subscribe to, select Confirm Changes.

Please note: The changes will NOT take effect till your next subscription renewal date.


Other Plan Options

If you are experiencing a high number of refills we recommend viewing our Prepaid Billing plan. Find out more about Prepaid Billing here.








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