Can I Share my Plan? Can I Stop Sharing my Plan?

Linking and Unlinking Child Orgs from a Shared Plan

Note: Contexts are NOT shared between piggybacked organizations/VCS providers

How to Link a Child Org

Org admins can go into the Share & Transfer tab in their Plan settings to find GitHub and/or Bitbucket organizations that they can share their paid plan with:<VCS>/<ORG>/share

  • Org B/child must be on a free plan

  • Click "Add Shared Organization" 
  • Select Org B from the dropdown and hit Save

** please note that you must be an organization admin on both organizations (parent and child) in order to add an organization to your paid plan. 

Screenshot 2024-04-16 at 3.07.25 PM.png

In this case, Org B (child) is piggybacked under Org A (parent) so that Org A is paying for the resources used by both orgs.

How to Unlink a Child Org

  • Org admins go into Share & Transfer tab 
  • Uncheck Org B/child and hit Save

Active User Count

A username will only be counted once per VCS. This means that is the parent and child org are using the same VCS (i.e. both GitHub or both Bitbucket), a user building from both organizations under the same username will only claim 1 active user seat.

For example:

  • If a user is active in the parent account and the child, account and both accounts are in the same VCS, they will be counted only one time because our systems recognizes the user itself.

  • If a user is active in the parent account and the child account and the accounts use different VCSs, the system will not automatically recognize them as the same user, and they can count as 2 separate users.

    • The best way to avoid this is to connect one's GitHub and Bitbucket accounts in their account page. See this support article for details:

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