Does CircleCI Support Private and Public Repositories?


Depending on your plan type and repository's privacy, you will have a number of allotted credits available.

Performance Plan

You can build both public and private repositories on the Performance plan. Open-source projects will consume credits, however, our engineering team is working to make OSS available on the Performance Plan.

Container Plan

You can build both public and private repositories on the Container plan, the first container is free. For open-source projects, 4 containers for Linux are provided at no additional cost as long as repositories remain public.

Free Plan

CircleCI provides Organizations 100,000 free credits per week ($2,880 annual value) to use for Linux open-source projects as long as repositories are public. Private repositories will have 2,500 credits/week available, which replenish every Sunday 12:00 UTC

Additional Troubleshooting

 If you are already building on CircleCI and your configuration requires checking out a private repo, please follow these steps: Enable your project to checkout additional private repositories.

If you encounter any further issues, visit our Community Forum or submit a Support ticket.

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