How to Adjust Your Account Plan


This article serves as a guide for users to modify their free and performance plans. Please follow the steps outlined below in order to make adjustments based on your organization’s needs. Should you encounter any issues, please contact

You can reach your plans page by using the following URL and inputting your organization’s name and VCS (GitHub or Bitbucket), or by clicking the plans tab from the left-hand side dashboard when signed in to the CircleCI application.

URL :{VCS}/{ORG_NAME}/overview


Note: Administrative access is required in order to modify your plan. For more information, visit our helpful guide "Am I an Org Admin?".


Upgrade to the Performance Plan

If you are interested in accessing more tools such as higher concurrency (Performance’s default is 80x concurrency) or scaling for user growth, the Performance Plan may be a better fit for your team’s needs. As a user, upgrading to the Performance Plan can be achieved directly in your UI Plan Usage Page. 

Once inside your Plan Usage Page, a cost estimate will be presented based on your activity on our platform. You can toggle between a number of users and compute credits which will then generate a cost estimate for your plan.


Please note, if you are only making adjustments to your billing/payment information and are continuing to use the same account on CircleCI, your build history and project settings (environment variables, advance settings, checkout keys, etc.) will remain intact.

Should you have any questions in regards to pricing and compute credits, please refer to our pricing page:

*Note: You must be an organization administrator to make any billing adjustments to your plan. That includes updating your credit card or increasing your credit packages. 

Please visit the Plan Overview Page of your account settings to view a cost estimate of the Performance Plan based on your team's typical monthly usage and team size.

Additionally, please be aware that changing your GitHub org and/or usernames can result in unintended side effects, which can cause your project settings to not sync over properly.

If you have any additional questions, you can refer to our article “Am I an Org Admin?”.

Make Changes to Your Performance Plan

Please note, that you must be an organizational administrator to make any adjustments to your plan. Should you want to make any adjustments on your performance plan such as an increase in concurrency or you wish to increase your credit packages on your Performance Plan, you will be able to do so on your Plan Page. 

If you have any additional questions, you can refer to the article “Am I an Org Admin?” and if you are having any billing issues, please contact


Cancel Your Performance Plan

Please note that you must be an organization administrator to make any adjustments to your plan. If you have any additional questions, you can refer to the article “Am I an Org Admin?”

To cancel your plan, you may do so from the CircleCI UI.

Head over to and select View Plan on the specific organization.


You will be taken to the Plan Overview for this organization.
Click on the Edit Plan button, as shown below.


Click on Cancel Plan link at the bottom left corner of the page, as shown below.


You should see a modal confirming that you would like to cancel this paid plan.
Please read through it closely, before clicking on the Cancel Plan button.


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