Frequently Asked Credit Questions


Frequently asked credit questions. 


What are credits?

Credits are what we use as currency within CircleCI for workflows and usage. 


How much are credits?

Credits are only sold in credit packages. However, each credit is equal to $.0006.


What is a  credit package? 

One credit package is equal to 25,000 credits. Each credit package is $15 USD.


Why am I being charged multiple times a month?

When signing up for CircleCI's Performance Plan you are prompted to select a subscription amount. If the selected subscription amount of credits is used before the next billing cycle we will automatically refill 25% of your subscription amount. The minimum refill amount is 1 credit package. 


Where can I see my credit usage?

Only admins can access the CircleCi Billing Dashboard to review credit usage. 

  1. From your CircleCi Landing Page select the Usage tab. 
  2. Once selected, you can choose the billing period you’d like to view usage for.


How long are credits valid for?

Credits are valid for one year from their purchase date. Oldest credits are utilized before new ones. 


I downgraded to the Free Plan, where did all my credits go?

Purchased credits are only valid on a paid subscription. Once an account is downgraded to free, all purchased credits will be forfeited. 


Do bonus credits roll over month to month?

Bonus credits do not roll over. They expire at the end of each billing/usage cycle. 



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