Why do I see a "block-unregistered-user" error in my build?


When a user triggers a build, the build fails and the jobs will have a warning banner with the message: block-unregistered-user.

This might happen if your organization has enabled the Prevent unregistered user spend feature in the Organization Settings, under Usage Controls. This feature will prevent all unauthorized users from triggering a successful build. For any users to be considered a registered user, they will need to have a CircleCI account.


  • Please make sure that the user has signed up to CircleCI here.
    If you are building on a Gitlab project, please check out this article for additional troubleshooting steps.

  • If you are using scheduled pipelines, please make sure that the pipelines are set up to be triggered by an actual user instead of a Scheduled Actor.
    You can change the actor of the trigger at Project Settings > Triggers. Click on Edit and change the attribution of the trigger from "Scheduled Actor (Scheduling System)" to your own user.

  • If you are using a machine user to trigger builds, please try signing up to CircleCI with the machine user's account to enabled it to trigger builds.

  • If you are using a bot user to trigger builds (e.g. github-merge-queue[bot]) that cannot be registered on CircleCI, we recommend disabling the "Prevent unregistered user spend" feature to allow these builds.


Once the user has signed up to CircleCI or the scheduled pipeline has been set up to be triggered by an actual user, the build should run without an error.

If the error persists after following the above steps, please contact CircleCI Support.

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