Disable re-run job with SSH


For security purposes you may want to disable the Rerun Job with SSH feature. CircleCI allows organization admins to request that this feature be disabled on a project or organization basis. 


Disabling the re-run with SSH using the CircleCI v1 API  

To disable the Rerun Job with SSH feature please confirm that you are an organization admin. If you are an organization admin, you can disable this feature using the CircleCI v1 API


curl -X PUT \
"Circle-Token: <token>" \
"Accept: application/json" \
"Content-Type: application/json" \
'{"feature_flags": {"disable-ssh": true}}' \


  • For the project URL under the --data payload, replace <vcs>/<org>/<project> with the project that you wish to apply these feature flags to. For example, github/acmeorg/foobar
  • Replace the <token> with a Personal API Token.
    • This can also be authenticated using Basic authentication after encoding your Personal API Token
  • When successful, CircleCI returns HTTP 200, and an empty string "" 

Important: this will only apply for future pipelines. Any previously run pipelines will still have SSH enabled.


To confirm that SSH is indeed disabled, you can use the API and jq as well.

curl -X GET \
"Circle-Token: <token>" \
'https://circleci.com/api/v1.1/project/<vcs>/<org>/<project>/settings' \
| jq '.feature_flags."disable-ssh"'



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