Permission error when trying to SSH into a job

Debugging with SSH

In some cases you might want to rerun a job and access it via SSH to troubleshoot problems (e.g.: inspect things like log files, running processes, and directory paths).

If you run into an error when trying to SSH into the job, as a first step, please make sure that the SSH key that you are using is valid and the correct key is being offer to CircleCI.

You can find the steps to verify that the SSH key is correct in our documentation.

SSH key is correct but still get a permission error

If you have verified that the SSH key is valid and the correct SSH key is being used but you still see a Permission denied (publickey) error, your key's signature algorithm might be outdated.

Following OpenSSH 8.8, the ssh-rsa signature scheme that uses SHA-1 has been deprecated and are no longer accepted on CircleCI. If you SSH has been created within this signature scheme, this might cause the permission error.

If this is the case, please try generating a new SSH key. We recommend using an ed25519 key.

ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -C ""

Once you generated a new SSH key, please make sure that you add it to your Github or Bitbucket account.

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