Troubleshooting "/bin/bash: line 2: ./gradlew: No such file or directory"


When running ./gradlew, you may find that the command is not able to run. This is because the ./gradlew file will be part of your VCS commit, so you will need to either set the directory or define it within the command.


      • Solution 1: cd to the directory containing ./gradlew

        - checkout
        - cd ~/project
      • Solution 2: set the working directory to the directory containing ./gradlew

        working_directory: ~/project
      • Solution 3: define the full directory containing ./gradlew

        ~/project/gradlew assembleDebugAndroidTest
      • Solution 4: Enable the execute permissions for the user

Either use:

      • chmod +x gradlew
      • chmod 777 gradlew



This will allow you to use the ./gradlew file and you will no longer see the issue.

If you do please make sure that you have included the file within the top level of your VCS.


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