Troubleshooting "Too long with no output" on Windows with gradlew.bat


When using Gradle with the Windows executors/orb, you may experience a timeout error:

Too long with no output (exceeded 10m0s): context deadline exceeded



For context, gradlew.bat doesn't return the exit code for PowerShell. So, the step doesn't stop when the command has finished.

To resolve, set shell: bash.exe.

This will cause the batch file and step to run in Bash, not PowerShell.


For example:

      - run: 
          shell: bash.exe
          command: ./gradlew.bat build


Additional Resources

See information on our Windows Orb:

You can also reference Gradle's troubleshooting user guides:

If you are still experiencing problems after trying this, for further questions or suggestions for your particular use-case, please contact CircleCI Support.


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