Data retention policy

Sometimes when attempting to view older data within the CircleCI user interface or API you may see a not found error, or data may be missing. This usually means that the build data falls outside of your data retention window.

CircleCI has a data retention policy for build data. Build data includes information on all pipelines run, workflows within those pipelines (including reruns), and jobs within those workflows which can be seen in the CircleCI UI or retrieved via the API.

This policy ensures we keep our data to a manageable size and our build systems performant and reliable as we grow.

Any other data, like workspaces, caches, or artifacts are governed by their existing policies.

Depending on your plan we retain build data for the following periods :

  • Free Plans: 90 days
  • Performance and Custom Plans: 180 days
  • Scale Plans: 2 years

You can also set custom data retention periods for artifactsworkspaces and cache items by navigating to the Usage Controls in the Plan portal:

Additional Resources: 

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