Your access to a project from CircleCI was revoked by GitHub


If you've received an email stating your access to a project on CircleCI has been revoked by GitHub, it is likely due to missing or changed permissions. This can result in the unfollowing of projects on CircleCI. You may need to re-follow projects if you would like to view build logs in the UI. Additionally, if you are the only follower on a project, this may stop building a project, halting builds from triggering on CircleCI. 

Below are some ways to troubleshoot this message:


Rule out third-party app restrictions

Check to make sure CircleCI is enabled in your GitHub organization third-party app restrictions in your Organization Settings. You can read more about these restrictions in GitHub's Documentation

Refresh CircleCI Permissions

See: How to Refresh User Permissions

  1. Sign out of your CircleCI account
  2. Revoke CircleCI's access in Bitbucket or GitHub
  3. Clear your browser's cache and cookies
  4. Sign back into your CircleCI account
  5. Refresh permissions at

If you are still experiencing issues, please reach out to our Support team at CircleCI Support.

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