Connecting to Remote Desktop (RDP) on Windows jobs

Setting Up SSH Port-Forwarding

To connect to a Remote Desktop (RDP) session in a Windows job, follow the instructions below:

  1. Select your Windows job and choose Rerun with SSH
  2. Log in to the SSH session and change the user password with the following command: 
    Note: Windows requires a complex password and will return "Try Again" if a password is not strong enough. Consider using a randomly generated secure password.
  3. Set up SSH port-forwarding by running the following on your local machine: 
    ssh -fN -L 3390:localhost:3389 -p 54782 <windows job ip>
  4. Open the Remote Desktop app (included with Windows or download from the Mac App Store) and connect to: 
  5. Log in with the username "circleci" and the password set in step 2
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