Notification Email Links Hang and Do Not Redirect to the CircleCI Workflow

Clearing Your Cache

If notification email links hang and do not redirect to the CircleCI workflow, follow the steps below to reset the cache https redirect.

You can also simply clear your entire browser cache.


Google Chrome

  1. Go to this location in your browser:
  2. Click "Clear host cache"
  3. Go to this location
  4. At the bottom of the page, you should see "Delete domain security policies"
    - Enter in "" and click "Delete"
    - Enter in "" and click "Delete"
  5. Do not reload one of the previous pages if they are in your browser.



  1. Click the "Show Sidebars" button in the browser toolbox
  2. In sidebar select "History" from the context drop down
  3. Type "email.circleci" in the search box
  4. Right click on the result and click "Forget About This Site"


All links in the email you provided and any new or previous links should now work with your browser if you click on them.


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