My build fails to pull Docker image with "Too Many Requests" - Rate Limiting by Docker Hub

Beginning November 1, 2020, [Docker Hub]( has enabled rate limits based on the originating
IP address. Since CircleCI runs jobs from a shared pool of IPs, it is strongly
recommended to use authenticated Docker pulls with Docker Hub to avoid encountering
rate limits.

Identifying this error can be done by examining the `Spin Up Environment` step
of your build output for a `toomanyrequests:Too Many Requests` error message.

Using authentication for Docker Hub in your builds is the best way to avoid being rate limited for Docker image Pulls.
The first suggestion is to create a [Context]( for your Docker Hub credentials to encorporate in your `config.yml`.

Example config: 


You may also use a per-project Environment Variables as shown here.


Alternative soltuions can also be found here in our [Documentation here.]( 

Below is an example of a build failure due to encountering the Docker
rate limit.

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