How to see running SSH jobs

Once you navigate away from a running SSH job in the newly redesigned UI, this job does will not appear in the pipelines view.

To work around this, visit the legacy jobs page:{vcs}/{org}/{project}/jobs

inserting vcs (gh or bb), org, and project where appropriate. This page displays jobs rather than pipelines.

For example, if I wanted to see all of the currently running jobs for our CircleCI CLI repository, I would visit:

This will show a jobs view:



You will then be able to see and access running SSH jobs from this view. 

Note: This jobs view is on a per-project basis. That means you can only see all of the jobs for a given project, but you will not be able to see all jobs across all projects. 

To cancel the currently running SSH job, first identify its job ID. You can see this by clicking into the job page. After you navigate into the job page from this legacy jobs view, you will see a URL that looks like this:{vcs}/{org}/{project}/{pipeline_number}/jobs/{job_id}

The final value after the forward slash is the job ID you will need to cancel the job. Grab that job_id and visit the following URL:{vcs}/{org}/{project}/x/workflows/x/jobs/{job_id}

adding the job ID and once again, inserting vcs (gh or bb), org, and project where appropriate. 

This will show the job in the context of a dummy workflow page. From this page, you will be able to cancel the job from the Rerun menu as follows:





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