How to Request Audit Logs?


CircleCI Cloud Customers can retrieve audit logs by using the Self-serve audit log feature via the CircleCI UI. 

Self-serve Audit logs

To retrieve audit logs please navigate to your organization settings page > "Security"  and scroll down to the "Audit logs" section. The user requesting audit logs is required to be an organization admin. If you are not an organization admin, you will not see this feature. 

Additionally, self-serve audit log retrieval is limited by the following per plan type

  • Paid plans - 3 requests per day

  • Free - 1 request per day

Note: Requests are limited to a 30-day window.

For more information on self-serve audit logs, please refer to our documentation:

Unsupported Audit Logs

CircleCI does not support the following:

  • Recurring audit logs
  • Project-level audit logs


Please reach out to Support if you run into trouble accessing your Security settings.




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