I didn't receive the password reset email


If you have a CircleCI account, but you do not receive a reset password email if you click on "Forgot Password?" on the login page, it is possible that you did not sign up with your email address.

If you created your CircleCI account prior to September 2023, you might have used your Github or Bitbucket credentials to sign up to CircleCI and you will need to use these credentials to log in. If this is the case, the "Forgot Password?" feature will not work.


  • Please try logging in with your Github or Bitbucket credentials by selecting Log In > Signed up with Github or Bitbucket before September 2023? on the login page.
  • If you forgot your password to your VCS provider, please try resetting the password directly on the VCS.
  • If you signed up with your email to CircleCI but still do not receive the password reset emails, please make sure that the email did not end up in your spam folder and that you do not have any filters set up for emails coming from circleci.com in your mailbox.
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