How to Find Out When a new cimg Docker Image Will Be Released


This guide helps you understand how to find out when a specific cimg Docker image will be available. If you're curious about the release date of a specific cimg Docker image, the best thing to do is visit the specific GitHub repository for that image.


  1. Visit the CircleCI-Public GitHub Repository:

  2. Search for Existing Discussions:

    • Use the search bar in the "Issues" tab to find ongoing discussions about the Docker image you're interested in.
    • Check if anyone is already talking about the release date or availability of the Docker image.
  3. Open a New Issue:

    • If you can't find any existing discussions, click on the "New issue" button.
    • Create a new issue with a clear title that asks about the release date of the specific Docker image.
    • Explain your question in the issue description and politely request any information or updates about the release date.
    • Submit the issue and wait for responses from the images community.
  4. Engage in Discussions:

    • Keep an eye on the issue you created for any responses or updates from the community.
    • Join the conversation by responding to comments and providing more details if needed.
    • Follow the discussion to stay informed about any progress or announcements regarding the release date of the cimg Docker image.


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