Step Failure on Builds using Azure CLI and Bicep


When using CircleCI to run Azure CLI and Bicep, you may run into some errors.




  • You may be experiencing an issue with the image, if you are using a Third-Party, such as, image.
    • To troubleshoot, you can add --debug --verbose to get more info and logging.
    • You can also convert to our CircleCI Azure image cimg/azure:YYYY.MM.I
  • Before running az bicep install, add the following like so:
    • az config set bicep.use_binary_from_path=False
      az bicep install

Additional Resources

The Azure Image from CircleCI:

The Azure CLI Orb from CircleCI: 


If you have any additional questions, feedback, or interest in accurate end time in the UI or API, please feel free to reach out for additional assistance at CircleCI Support.

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