Unable to update an organization's security settings and plans page


A user may receive a 404 "Something Unexpected Happened" error when trying to access and organization security settings page  : https://app.circleci.com/settings/organization/github/{ORG_NAME}/security



They may see the same error when trying to access the organizations plans page : https://app.circleci.com/settings/plan/github/{ORG_NAME}/overview

Why are you seeing this error? 

Typically, a user will see this error is they are not an organization admin. This is because they do not have the correct permissions to update the organization's security settings. 


A user will also see this error if they are on shared plan and are trying to view the organization security settings page or plans page for a child organization. All users (including organization admins) will see this error. 



If you are not an organization admin, please contact an organization admin and request they they update the security settings for your organization. 


If you are an organization admin and are on a shared plan, please contact CircleCI Support for assistance


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