Manifest not found when building a Docker Image

Manifest not found when building a Docker Image

in some cases, you may see manifest for <image> not found while building your Dockerfile.

manifest for ubuntu:18.04 not found

This has recently impacted the ubuntu:18.04 image but could affect others.


Step 1

If you are building this image with remote docker, please make sure you are on the latest version. A list of versions CircleCI offers can be found here.

If are you building using the machine executor, please try a later version of the machine image as this will dictate your Docker version. A full list of available machine images can be found at the following links.

Step 2

In some cases, the manifest for that image no longer exists, which can be confirmed by running the following command.

docker manifest inspect $image_name

If the image manifest does not return anything, you can simply specify the SHA of the image you wish to pull or change the version.

Using ubuntu:18.04 as an example, we can specify one of  the following in our Dockerfile:

FROM ubuntu:bionic-20220829
FROM  docker pull ubuntu@sha256:d85f9e8f65828689ef2c9054d751a5842e870835f950d0a406e0b64988130661

These would allow you to use the image you are looking to use. 

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