Unable to add project/following project results in 403

SSO Auth Issues

An uncommon, yet not impossible situation can arise due to SSO authentication issues with GitHub where a newly created repo, such as this open source CircleCI-Public repo, is unable to be added as a project. 

Another situation can arise if the project is then added by another authenticated repo owner and then  said user clicks "Follow Project" which results in a 403.


1. Single Sign-on for your org Screen_Shot_2021-11-15_at_5.02.15_PM.png

go to Project Settings >> select "SSH Keys" >> "Authorize with GitHub" under the User Key section Screen_Shot_2021-11-15_at_5.00.14_PM.png


Alternatively, visit your User Settings under your avatar in the lower left hand corner of the menu and "Check permissions on GitHub" under "Account Integrations. Screen_Shot_2021-11-15_at_5.03.32_PM.png

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