How to confirm which workspaces your Bitbucket user has access to

Bitbucket workspaces translate into CircleCI organizations.

If you want to confirm which organizations you should be able to see in the CircleCI UI, as well as the level of permissions your Bitbucket user should have on these organizations, you can query the Bitbucket API:

  1. Log into your Bitbucket account.
  2. Create an app password >
    Please make sure to grant at least Account: read and Workspace Membership: read  permissions to the password.
  3. Run the following cURL request:
    curl -u"your_Bitbucket_username:your_app_password" --request GET ''|jq -rs '.[].values[]|{permission: .permission, workspace: .workspace.slug}'

You can download jq here.

The request will return the list of Bitbucket workspaces your Bitbucket user has access to, as well as, the level of permissions for each workspace.

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