How To View Your Bitbucket Webhook Deliveries

Debugging With Webhook Logs

Viewing webhook deliveries in Bitbucket can be a useful diagnostic tool when attempting to discover why, for example, a push to a specific repository has not triggered a build on CircleCI.

By default, the webhook requests history is not enabled in Bitbucket. You will first need to configure the webhook to collect request history:

  1. From Bitbucket, open the repository.
  2. Click the Repository settings link on the left side, then click the Webhooks link.
  3. Locate the CircleCI Webhook, and click the View requests link (in the Actions column).
  4. Click the Enable History button.


Note that Bitbucket will only collect history for 12 hours before automatically switching back to not collecting request history.

Once the request history collection is enabled:

  1. Perform the "problematic" action (commit push, pull-request creation/merge, etc.)
  2. Click the Load new requests button to view the list of recent deliveries.
  3. For the related event, click the View details link to open a detailed log page of the webhook delivery.


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