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Redirect Changes

In order to improve the performance of our artifacts hosting, we rolled out a change that would make non-HTML artifacts on CircleCI redirect to a short-lived pre-signed cloud storage URL. If you are downloading via curl to a file output and not finding the expected artifact, it may be due to these historical redirect changes.

JSON & Browser Downloads for Artifacts are Unaffected

We currently allow JSON files to bypass this to ensure test suites that produce dashboards to view results are able to function correctly.

If using a web browser (to view HTML resources such as test / coverage reports or download tarballs / zip files) you will not need to change anything, as browsers follow redirects by default.


If you are using curl or another HTTP client that does not follow redirects by default, you will need to enable redirect support (wget follows redirects by default, while curl requires the -L switch).

For curl commands that don’t specify the -L option, you will now see the following message:

$ curl -H'Circle-Token: XXXXXX' '' 

Redirecting to <>

Adding the -L switch will make the artifact get fetched correctly:

$ curl -L -H'Circle-Token: XXXXXX' ''
some logs......

Keep in mind that this change only affects non-HTML artifacts. All HTML files will still be served without a redirect.

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