Time-Limit for Approval/Hold Job

Approval/Hold Jobs

Approval/hold jobs have a 90-day limit on when they can be approved.


On-Hold Workflows

While after 90 days they can't be approved, workflows will remain on hold for 90 days until canceled, we don't automatically transition an on-hold workflow out of its current state.


If the on-hold job is >90 days, it cannot be cancelled via the API or UI.

Please contact CircleCI Support to request the related workflows be cancelled by our team.


Important note: An on-hold job does not consume any credits.


Jobs that use Workspaces

The only caveat to the above is jobs that utilize workspaces.

If the job after the hold job utilizes a persisted workspace, there is a 15-day limit before the workspace expires.

So while the approval job can still be approved for up to 90 days, the workspace will not be available and the subsequent jobs will fail.


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