How to stop building by manually removing the CircleCI webhook and deploy key from your Bitbucket repository

Manually Stop Building on CircleCI 

You can stop building your project on CircleCI at any time, by navigating to the project settings (<vcs>/<org>/<project>) page and clicking the "Stop Building" button.


If you are for some reason unable to stop building using the above method, you can always do so by removing access to the repository from Bitbucket.

Some reasons you may potentially need to do this:

  • You have renamed your organization, username, or repository
  • User credentials have become stale 

Removing CircleCI webhooks from your repository in BitBucket 

1. Start by accessing your Bitbucket repository settings


2. From the Repository settings page, on the left side in the vertical navigation, we see the two pages we are interested in: "Webhooks"and "Access keys".





3. From the Webhooks page, locate any webhooks that post to CircleCI and delete them. 


4. Lastly, navigate to the "Access keys" page and delete the key added by CircleCI



This will stop the project from building on CircleCI in case you need to manually remove access.

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