Test summary troubleshooting

The test summary in the UI is a place where we display some basic information about tests such as which tests failed, or what the slowest tests were. For basic configuration to set up the test summary you can view our docs. This document will outline some caveats, limitations, and common issues people run into when trying to get the test summary working.


JUnit is the only supported format

The only test reporting format we support is JUnit. JUnit is not exactly a standard format, so each test reporting tool may output their JUnit differently. This can also be the source of some issues. For instance if you want to use test timing based splitting your JUnit files most pass the file parameter with test cases. You can validate your JUnit results on CircleCI using this validator: https://github.com/levlaz/circleci-test-results-validator

XML files must be in a subfolder

Test data must be inside a subfolder of whatever path is provided to store_test_results

If their path is set to test-results then the test report XML must be in a subfolder of test-results, and not directly within it. for example: test-results/somefolder/report.xml


Subfolders cannot be hidden folders

Test data subfolders cannot be hidden folders. test-results/.somefolder/report.xml would be ignored by our system.


Test files cannot be larger than 15MB

Test files larger than 15MB will fail to upload, though it will not show this failure in the UI. It fails silently in the background. 



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