How to mass unfollow projects from CircleCI

To stop building any single project you can visit the settings page for that repository and click the "Stop Building" button.

To unfollow many projects at once, it is best to use our API. 

We have created this short `bash` script to help achieve this easily.

Step 1.

Save the following as ``

ORG="MyOrgName" URL_SUFFIX="/enable?circle-token="$TOKEN URL_PREFIX=""$ORG"/" while IFS='' read -r repo || [[ -n "$repo" ]]; do sleep 2 curl -X "DELETE" $URL_PREFIX$repo$URL_SUFFIX done < "$1"

Replace `$TOKEN` with your personal user token and `$ORG`with the organization name.

 Note: You must use a Personal API token and not a Project API token to access all projects

Step 2.

Create a text file with a list of repo names (one per line, no commas) to be removed.


Step 3.

Run the script as:

./ repos.txt

This will easily mass unfollow and remove all listed projects.

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