How Do I Add a Bitbucket User Key?

Bitbucket User Keys

BitBucket requires some extra steps to successfully add a user key.

Note: the following instructions assume you're using Chrome browser.

  1. Go to your Project Settings page, and click the SSH Keys link.
  2. Scroll down to the User Key section.
  3. Right-click the Add User Key button and select the Inspect option to open the browser inspector.
  4. In the developer console, select the Network tab.
  5. Clear the Console
  6. In the filter box, type in "checkout" (without the quotes). Doing so will make it easier to locate the request.
  7. Left-click the Add User Key button to generate the key
  8. In the developer console, click the checkout-key request with a 201 status. Then select the Preview tab
  9. Copy the public_key value (without the quotes and the line feed character) to your clipboard
  10. Add the key to Bitbucket

You will then be able to use that SSH key in your builds by adding the key's fingerprint using the add_ssh_keys YAML key to your config.yml

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