Overview: Self Service Configuration Review

What is a Configuration Review

A configuration review is a service, performed by our Field Engineers, where a project’s pipeline configuration is evaluated for improvement opportunities. Those opportunities are identified through the lens of goals created at the beginning of the review process.

Why do a Configuration Review

Config reviews are a key service for maintaining an optimized CI experience. The software you are building and the tools you are using are ever evolving so your pipelines should be evolving with them. Config reviews can help ensure the max value is extracted from every credit. Our Field Engineers have done hundreds of config reviews and have seen an equal number of use cases. Taking advantage of their knowledge not only saves you time, but also can help customize your pipelines.

How to do a Configuration Review

The easiest way to do a config review is to add one of our Field Engineers to your team. Our Advanced and Premium support plans provide access to a Field Engineer who is an expert in CircleCI and can help in many more ways than config reviews alone. For more information about our support plans, please reach out to your friendly neighborhood Technical Success Manager or contact our Sales team.

The second way to do a config review is to try it yourself. Pipeline optimization is important but can be a daunting task, so our Field Engineers have put together a process which is the backbone of the config review service. The articles in this category cover that process and will show how a Field Engineer would help your team with optimization.

Configuration Review Process

A config review can be conducted by following the recommended procedure below. Each step in the procedure will be in a separate post containing useful documentation links, helpful tips, and any recommended processes for that step.

Next step: Configuration Review Preparation

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