There is no Machine Runner 2.0 - CircleCI Users may notice that our product versioning jumps from Machine Runner 1.1 straight to Machine Runner 3.0, skipping the 2.0 version.

This leap is due to the shared base software between Machine Runner and Container Runner, which is already at major version 3. Hence, Machine Runner 3.0 inherits its version number from the underlying base software, ensuring alignment and consistency across both products.


Why Machine Runner 3.0?

In the new Machine Runner 3.0, you will see the version number (3.0.X) reflected in their runner's spin up step and the runner UI. This transparency allows our customers to be always aware of the version they are operating on, fostering a more reliable and consistent user experience.


Additional Notes

While the version number denotes the shared base software, it's essential to underline that Machine Runner 3.0 and Container Runner, despite the shared base, have distinctive functionalities suitable for specific use-cases. Always select the runner type which best fits your operational needs.


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