What is the difference between the versions 1.x and 2.x of the Jira orb


The CircleCI Jira orb allows you to Integrate your CI/CD build and deployment status notifications directly into your Jira cards.

To do so you need to:


Version 2.x versus Version 1.x

Version 2.x of the Jira orb:

  • requires that you install CircleCI for Jira v2.

  • no longer requires that you add a token in the "Jira Integrations" section of your project settings. [Note that for backward compatibility reasons, the "Add Token" button and functionality are still available in the UI]
  •  authenticates via OpenID Connect (OIDC)
  • requires that you provide a webhook URL (retrieved from the management panel in the CircleCI for Jira app in your Jira instance)


Additional Notes(if applicable):

Make sure to follow instructions outlined on the "Connect Jira with CircleCI" page of 
our documentation.


Additional Resources:

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