Rerun Failed Tests - All Tests Still Being Rerun


This article addresses the issue where all tests are still being rerun after clicking "Rerun failed tests" in CircleCI. The following troubleshooting steps will help to resolve this specific problem.


Issue: All tests are still being rerun

If you find that all tests are being rerun after clicking "Rerun failed tests," please follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

  1. Enable verbose mode: Make sure that the --verbose setting is enabled when invoking circleci tests run. This will display the tests that circleci tests run is receiving during a rerun.

  2. Upload JUnit XML: Use the store_artifacts command to upload the JUnit XML file containing the test results to CircleCI. This is the same file(s) that is being uploaded with store_test_results.

  3. Inspect JUnit XML: Manually inspect the newly uploaded JUnit XML via the Artifacts tab in CircleCI. Ensure that the XML file contains either a file= attribute or a classname attribute. If neither attribute is present, unexpected behavior may occur when trying to rerun tests.

  4. Check xargs presence: Additionally, ensure that xargs is present in the --command= argument.


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