Troubleshooting network connectivity issues with CircleCI runners


This support article provides troubleshooting steps to address network connectivity issues with CircleCI runners. If you are experiencing timeouts and errors related to updating the launch-agent to the newest version, this article will guide you in resolving the issue. For example:

level=warning msg="could not update launch-agent to new version: error checking agent for os=\"linux\" arch=\"amd64\": Get \"\": context deadline exceeded (Client.Timeout exceeded while awaiting headers)"

Troubleshooting tips

  • Check Network Latency: Use traceroute to the IPs to identify any network latency issues. Traceroute helps to visualize the network path and identify potential points of congestion or delays.

  • Verify QoS and Firewall Settings: Double-check and ensure that the hardware running the CircleCI runners does not have Quality of Service (QoS) enabled or a built-in firewall that may interfere with the network connectivity.

  • Re-run Tasks on Failing Runners: If the issue persists, re-run tasks on the failing runner to gather recent metrics and investigate further.


For runners experiencing infrastructure failure due to network connectivity issues, a restart may result then in a successful workflow once networking issues have passed. 


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