Why is there an `analyze-my-code` workflow in my project?


CircleCI is testing a new experience that aims to help you bootstrap the project creation process. If there is an existing .circleci/config.yml in your repository, CircleCI will use that to trigger pipelines for the project in question.

In the event there is no .circleci/config.yml present in your repository, CircleCI will run the analyze-my-code setup workflow to autogenerate a configuration for a select few popular languages and frameworks such as Javascript, Python, Ruby and a few more.

More details about this product update can be seen on our Community Discuss Forum.

Is there a way to disable the analyze-my-code setup workflow?

Yes - there are a few ways to stop this workflow from running on your project.

  • Include a .circleci/config.yml in your repository

    • If your team would like to keep building the project but doesn't require assistance with bootstrapping the configuration, we suggest including an empty .circleci/config.yml
  • Stop Building the Project

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