Why can't I create contexts?

How do you add contexts?

Contexts provide a mechanism for securing and sharing environment variables across projects. You can add contexts by clicking on Organization Settings > Contexts.

Please note that you will need to be an admin or member of the organization to be able to create a context and you will need to be an admin to be able to restrict the context to a security team.

You don't have permission to create a context.

If you see the above error, this means that you either do not have sufficient permissions to add a context, or our system was not able to verify your permissions.

As a first step, please make sure that you are either a member with write permission or an admin of the organization on the VCS. If you have the right permissions and still see the error, please go to your user settings and click on "Refresh permissions".

If the error persists after refreshing your permissions, it is possible that your OAuth token has expired or became invalid. Please try re-authenticating your user.

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