How to view your GitLab Webhook Deliveries

Finding GitLab Webhook Deliveries

Viewing webhooks on GitHub can be a useful diagnostic tool when attempting to discover why perhaps a push to your repo has potentially not resulted in a job on CircleCI.

A webhook is what allows CircleCI to automatically take action every time you push a commit. GitLab will send us a packet of information about your project when a number of events occur, a "push" being the most popular.

Viewing GitLab Webhooks 

  1. Navigate to your project on Gitlab
  2. Select Settings > Webhooks in the left menu.
    You can also reach this section at the following URL:{GL_ORG_NAME}/{GL_REPO_NAME}/-/hooks 
  3. The CircleCI webhook will include Once you have located the webhook, click on "Edit".

    Screenshot 2023-11-13 at 14.37.33.png
  4. From here you can scroll down to the bottom of the page to "Recent events". Here you will find a list of webhook deliveries.

  5. Click on "View details" next to any entry to view the delivery details. This will show the Headers and Payload of the webhook.

The X-Gitlab-Event-UUID value is useful for tracking your webhook. Support can use this to do further investigation if needed.

In the Request section under the Commits, the Id value is the commit hash to ensure the webhook is referring to the correct commit.

You can also check the response back from CircleCI when GitHub sent the response. If you see a "200" response, your WebHook was delivered successfully.

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