How do I add members to my Gitlab organization?

Adding members to my GitLab organization on CircleCI

Once you connected your Gitlab repository to your CircleCI account, you will be able to invite people to your organization to collaborate and assign different roles to them.

You will need to have admin access to the add members to the project.

How do I invite people?

  1. Go to Organization Settings and open the People tab
  2. Click on the blue Invite button
  3. Add the email address of the user
  4. Select which role the user should below the textbox
    You can find more about the available user roles in our documentation.
  5. Click Send Invite(s)

You can invite more than one people in one go, but please be aware that you will only be able to select one user role at once. If you wish to add more people with different roles, please group the users by roles and send separate invites by the role types.

Once the invite has been sent, the user(s) will receive an email notification from CircleCI where they can accept the invite.

Until the invite is accepted by the user, you can find the users in the Pending section on the People tab. Once they accepted the invite, the user will be moved to the main section (People).

You can filter the user lists by name or user role and you can also change the user permission by clicking on the current user role and selecting another one from the drop-down menu.

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