My Project Has Been Suspended

Why Do Projects Get Suspended?

You may encounter this error when triggering builds:

"We did not run this pipeline because the project has been suspended.
Please contact us if you think this is a mistake."

CircleCI often uses automation to detect anomalies in our system and will suspend any project that violates our Acceptable Use and Crypto-Mining policies.


What Are Some Common Cases?

  • Accessing CircleCI from a country on our list of Sanctioned Countries
  • Attempting to use CircleCI to mine cryptocurrency
  • Maliciously abusing or attacking CircleCI with automated bots and DDOS attacks

Is It Possible To Get Unsuspended?

Yes! If you believe that your account or project has been suspended erroneously, please submit a ticket to our Support team. We will review your case to determine if the suspension should remain in place, or if you have been flagged erroneously. 


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