How to identify a renamed Bitbucket personal workspace

If a Bitbucket personal workspace and the name of the Bitbucket user whose personal workspace it is do not match, CircleCI is not able to confirm the “Admin” status of any user in the related CircleCI org; even if they are listed as “Admin” in the Bitbucket workspace.

This will result in any actions that require admin-level access not being possible.

Our documentation highlights the requirement for a matching personal/default workspace and username (please refer to the documentation for the



You will need to identify all users listed as "Admin" of the workspace (<org_name>/workspace/settings/groups), and have them follow the instructions outlined below.



  1. Go to your "All workspaces" page (
  2. Click on the workspace for which you don't have the "Leave" option.
  3. Go to that workspace "Settings" page, and note the Workspace ID.



In case the thus obtained Workspace ID doesn’t match your username, then you'll need to either:

  • Change their username or the related workspace name (Workspace ID) so they match. (Keep in mind that a change to the workspace name will result in a name change for the related org name)


  • Transfer the repositories to another workspace that is not a personal/default.


Additional Notes

If you want the org name to remain unchanged, you'll need to:

  1. Create a new workspace with a temporary name.
  2. Transfer the repositories from the personal/default Bitbucket workspace to that new workspace.
  3. Change the name of the personal/default Bitbucket workspace (ideally, back to the same name as their Bitbucket username).
  4. Change the name of the newly created workspace to the previous name (before the above change) of the personal/default Bitbucket workspace you were encountering the issue with.
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