Adjust Ports on Windows Firewall for your Applications


Sometimes when using the Windows Environment, you may run into applications that need ports that are not openly available. You can use Powershell commands to enable ports that are required.


How to change the available ports of the Windows Firewall: 

You can change the TCP firewall rules with the Windows Command Prompt:

To see the Windows Firewall status, you can use:

netsh advfirewall show all

To turn off ANY profiles no matter the connection type:

netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state off

If there are specific ports that need to be enabled on the Firewall, you can use:

- run: 
New-NetFirewallRule -DisplayName "{Display_Name}" -Direction inbound -Profile Any-Action Allow -LocalPort {Port} -Protocol TCP

*Note: Please ensure that your shell is set to Powershell while using these commands.

Additional Resources

See information on our Windows Orb:

Using the Windows Environment:

If you are still experiencing problems after trying this, for further questions or suggestions for your particular use-case, please contact CircleCI Support.

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