CircleCI Feature Preview

Why Preview?

Previews let users be on the cutting edge of what CircleCI has to offer. You get to be experience the innovation as its being built and enjoy the benefits of the functionality before anyone else.


Preview Ticket Priority

In the case a customer has an issue related to any new feature that is in preview and a ticket is submitted, it will be followed by a prompt response from our support team without a pre-defined response time regardless of SLA level. This ensures that our support team will have enough time to properly gather information on the new feature to better help our customers troubleshoot any related issues.


Open Preview and Closed Preview Defined

There are two types of feature previews our customers interact with that are both feature ready and internally tested with differences in availability. In the case of both of these preview types, the product is subject to changes.


Type of Preview Availability
Closed Feature Preview 6-40 customers
Open Feature Preview All customers (meeting specified criteria for the feature)

Platform-Focused Feature Previews

For platform-focused features such as Runner or Server, previews are conducted with a product that is usable, but not always feature ready. Previews provide an opportunity for users to voice feedback early in the product development process; preview users are truly collaborators and design partners. The feedback is used as direct input into how the product is shaped.


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