Updating a Server 4.x Environment with a new license


If your CircleCI license expires, you will need to update it. Please reach out to your CircleCI point of contact to request a new license. They will provide you with a License String for Server 4.x. 



Update the Helm Chart with the new license string

Update the license section of your values.yaml with the new license string provided by your Account team.


- name: regcred
registry: cciserver.azurecr.io
domainName: < domain name >
license: '< new license string goes here >'

Run a helm upgrade after the values.yaml has been updated with the new license string

Delete the existing secret regcred

You can do this by running kubectl -n <namespace> delete secret regcred to delete the secret

Recreate the secret

To recreate the secret run the command below with the new ACR token that you have received from your Account team.

kubectl -n <namespace> create secret docker-registry regcred \
--docker-server=http://cciserver.azurecr.io \
--docker-username=<your-username> \
--docker-password="<provided-token>" \

Check the license diff and apple Helm Upgrade

1.Confirm that the license is being updated using Helm Diff:

helm diff upgrade circleci-server oci://cciserver.azurecr.io/circleci-server -n <namespace> --version $SERVER_VERSION -f <path-to-values.yaml> --username $USERNAME --password $PASSWORD

2. Perform the upgrade:

helm upgrade circleci-server oci://cciserver.azurecr.io/circleci-server -n <namespace> --version $SERVER_VERSION -f <path-to-values.yaml> --username $USERNAME --password $PASSWORD

3.Deploy and run reality check in your test environment to ensure your installation is fully operational.




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