Error received: This job was claimed but has not received a heartbeat in over 5 minutes


Heartbeats are periodic signals sent to indicate normal operation or to synchronize with other parts of a system. This error can occur with OpenVPN or for a runner if the task-agent hasn't sent this signal after 5 minutes.


Check a Job's Status Using CircleCI API (v2)

To check a job's status, send a cURL GET request similar to the one below:

curl --request GET \
--url{workflow-id}/job \
--header 'authorization: Basic REPLACE_BASIC_AUTH'

This will provide you with a list of jobs within the workflow along with specifics about each job.


Runner Solution

The best course of action to correct this error is to restart (unload and load) the runner and try a fresh commit. If the error persists, please contact the CircleCI Support Team for help in taking further action to correct this issue.


OpenVPN Solution

Please reference How to setup a VPN connection during builds on how to add additional routing exclusions. 

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