404 on BitBucket accessing config

Capitalization sensitivity 

If a user is on Bitbucket, has capitalizations in their username, and receives a 404 accessing, for example, the config, support notes a log on our side:

Detected org request with a wrong capitalization


In the past, we've seen this happen with a user using a username such as ThreeTwoStooge but org is threetwostooge, for example. To workaround this error:

[Recommended] The user can create a new workspace on BitBucket that has a different name to their username. Then they can transfer their repo from the threetwostooge workspace to the new workspace. Here are the Bitbucket docs on how to do that.

Additional options

The user can change their Bitbucket username to not have capital letters in it, for example three-two-stooge.

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