How to Resolve Error: “block-unregistered-user”


The following issue of having unregistered users spend your organization’s credits through unsanctioned builds can be resolved by enabling a plan usage feature that will disable unregistered users from using credits belonging to your organization.

How to Enable Usage Control

To disable the ability of unregistered users to trigger builds and save credits you can follow these steps:

1. Visit the Usage Control tab URL (also available on the left-hand column of the application landing page through the Plan tab):[githubORbitbucket]/[OrganizationName]/usage-controls


2. Toggle on the usage control switch titled “Prevent unregistered user spend”. As noted in the example images below, upon a successful toggle the switch will turn blue.




How to Confirm Usage Control is Enabled

Once the Usage Control is enabled the feature is effective immediately. Any GitHub/Bitbucket user who is not associated with your organization’s GitHub/Bitbucket account will be unable to trigger a build moving forward, and thus halts their ability to misuse credits.

Should an unregistered user trigger a build in your organization after the feature has been enabled, a failed build will occur in the Pipelines dashboard. Upon clicking into the job, one will note a message displaying “block-unregistered-user”, as noted in the image below:


How to Register a User

In order to register a user, they can sign up for CircleCI with their respective GitHub or Bitbucket login. If they are part of your organization, they can follow projects in order to view build history. 

Once registered they can then be included on the active user list on your Plan Usage page under the Users tab:[githubORbitbucket]/[OrganizationName]/usage

How to Turn Off Usage Control

In order to disable the Usage Control and allow unregistered users to trigger builds, one can go into their Usage Controls section in the Plans tab and toggle the switch to an off position as noted in the images below.

Here is a direct link to the Usage Controls section:[githubORbitbucket]/[OrganizationName]/usage-controls




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